About us

Founded "Orange Astro Services LLP" with a definitive vision, our parent brand website GemUncle.com, which is only Vedic astrology based and pleased with this industry. The aim and vision of the corporate, however, was set from the day one - to streamline a scattered, direction-less astrology market.  GemUncle.com has come an extended way since its nascent days, and has expanded its vistas in myriad ways. the corporate now boasts of a powerful portfolio of running and upcoming products, services and makes.  All of your questions on your life and destiny, the unseen thick and thins of your life, have just got channelized during a better way from us. We help you get precise & clear answers to the thought bubbles that randomly come knocking at your door. The science that our astrologers use is an age-old and accurate, strictly in accordance to the Indian Vedas and ritual values.

You can flick through our website and take a glance at the varied services that we provide free and otherwise. Also, if you're a keen learner of the astrology & want to urge the answers of all of your life's problems, then we are here to point out you the proper path.