Cats Eye

Cat's Eye is a gem of Ketu which is very shiny. Its name is due to its special design. It is found in four colors, white, black, yellow and green, each of which has stripes. It is an aluminate of beryllium. That is why it glows like a cat's eye in the dark. Its density is 3.78 and hardness is 8.50. Wearing Cat's Eye is beneficial if Ketu in the horoscope is malefic or weak.

Benefits of Cat's Eye gemstone

  • It is believed that Cat's Eye kills the bad effects of Ketu.
  • Those natives whose fate does not support them should wear Cat's Eye.
  • Wearing Cat's Eye eliminates misery and black magic.
  • Wearing Cat's Eye helps eliminate physical weakness and increases eyesight.
  • According to astrology, wearing Cat's Eye gives immense benefit to asthma patients.
  • If there is a continuous loss in your work and business, then wearing Cat's Eye is beneficial.
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