Red Coral Ring for Scorpio Zodiac


In astrology, the Red Coral gemstone is associated with the ruling planet Mars for Aries and Scorpio signs. It's considered most auspicious for Scorpio individuals. Scorpio natives are often seen as influential, self-reliant individuals, always striving ahead in their endeavours. Wearing the Red Coral gemstone for Scorpio natives is believed to alleviate various troubles.

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Detail information

Weight/Size5.25 Ratti approx
Ring Weight3.5 - 4.5 gm approx
Ring SizeAdjustable, one size fits all
Ring Quality92.5% Sterling Silver
CertificationGovernment Approved Lab
Pooja/EnergizationBasic Energization (Free)
Delivery TimeApprox 3-7 Days (All over India)
Order on Whatsapp +91 70112 39569

Benefits of the red coral gemstone ring

  • Wealth and Career Advancement: Wearing a consecrated and empowered Red Coral gemstone is believed to bring prosperity in terms of wealth and career advancement.
  • Marital Harmony: It's thought to resolve issues related to marriage and bring harmony for individuals facing challenges in their marital life.
  • Financial Stability: Scorpio individuals experiencing difficulties in maintaining wealth or facing stagnation in their earnings might find the Red Coral gemstone beneficial.
  • Increased Attraction: Wearing a consecrated Red Coral gemstone ring is said to enhance personal magnetism, making others more influenced by the wearer.
  • Enhanced Focus and Determination: It's believed that wearing a consecrated Red Coral gemstone boosts determination and mental strength, making the wearer more serious and focused on their goals.
  • Overcoming Laziness: For those in the family who tend to be lazy, wearing Red Coral is believed to instil a hardworking attitude, making them more serious about their work.
  • Debt Relief: Scorpio individuals troubled by debts are advised to wear a Red Coral gemstone as it is believed to aid in relieving debt-related issues.
  • Female Health Issues: Red Coral is considered beneficial for women, aiding in managing blood-related problems, menstrual cycles, and blood pressure issues.

Who are Scorpio natives?

Those born between October 23 to November 21, or whose names begin with the letters तो, ना, नी, नू, ने, नो, या, यी, यू fall under the zodiac sign Scorpio.

Where to buy?

Only certified and natural gemstones can bring astrological benefits. Therefore, it's advisable to purchase gemstones from a certified source. otherwise, you may not derive any benefits from them. Genuine and certified stones can be obtained from sends all its gemstones after getting them verified by experienced astrologers. They provide a complete guarantee of the authenticity of the gemstones they send to you.



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