Safed Chandan Mala


In Hinduism, Sandalwood (Chandan) worship holds significant importance. Sandalwood comes in two types: red and white. In common language, it is known as white sandalwood and red sandalwood. Today, let's explore the virtues of white sandalwood mala. The white sandalwood mala is said to bring prosperity, longevity, and health. This mala is included in worship due to its numerous medicinal properties. In worship, the white sandalwood mala's incense, sandalwood paste (tilak), sandalwood oil, sandalwood essence, and other substances derived from sandalwood are used. Here, we are specifically discussing the white sandalwood mala. Scriptures suggest that chanting mantras using the white sandalwood mala yields quick results.

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Detail information

Beads Size8mm
No. of Beads108 + 1
Mala Length17-18 inch
Pooja/EnergizationBasic Energization (Free)
Delivery TimeApprox 3-7 Days (All over India)
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Benefits of the white sandalwood mala

  • The white sandalwood mala is considered auspicious and beneficial for chanting mantras dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Laxmi, Mahalaxmi, and Goddess Gayatri.
  • Wearing the white sandalwood mala not only leads to career advancement but also keeps everyone happy with such individuals, fostering friendships and receiving support from all directions.
  • It's highly regarded for wealth accumulation.
  • For mental peace and protection against serious illnesses, wearing the white sandalwood mala is considered highly advantageous.
  • The white sandalwood mala is considered the best for chanting mantras dedicated to "Mother Durga." Chanting Mother Durga's mantras with this mala makes the Goddess swiftly pleased and grants wealth and fame to her devotees.
  • If Mars is weak in one's astrological chart or if there are issues due to the influence of Mars in life, wearing the white sandalwood mala is recommended.
  • Wearing the white sandalwood mala brings mental tranquility.

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