Aries And Gemini Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility
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Both Aries and Gemini are spring seasons. They will be related to each other for this reason. Some astrologers say that the air signs and the fire signs go together, but I say that any match is possible with the correct understanding of what recipe you are using for love. 

The lord planet of Aries is Mars and the lord planet of Gemini is Mercury. These planets represent passion and communication respectively. Due to their different perspectives, Aries and Gemini work together - they get their points in different ways, but they certainly cross those points. Hot debate will either spice up this association - or ruin it. Aries needs to understand that Gemini prefers a good, furious argument, not to insult or dominate his challenger but as a great brain workout

Compatibility Between Aries and Gemini - Business, Marriage and Relationships

When Aries and Gemini engage in sexual activities, who knows where they might end up. With Aries's lust and Gemini's ideas, they can be judged a bit too creatively and harshly by their environment. It's a good thing that both of them don't care that there is a lot about another's opinion anyway. In its healthy image, it is mostly a combination of passion, energy and curiosity. Not so in a healthy person, their sex can be fraught with bad words and verbal aggression. The good thing is that neither is very sensitive nor easily hurt, so it can be exciting and unique to both of their experiences.

The emotional area is a difficult area for the couple. Aries partner has warm, passionate feelings and a problem to express them. Gemini often does not go far below the surface to see one's hidden qualities and is not really emotional by nature. So, it is a mixture of an emotional partner who cannot feel how they feel, and a rational person who talks about everything. The good thing is that the people of Aries do not have the lack of furiousness to turn Gemini's attention to themselves and listen to them. When they manage to engage in constructive dialogue, it is possible for them to explain to each other where they stand and how they are feeling, and in this way be a good way for future emotional exchanges the foundation has been laid.

Gemini light-hearted and playful nature can send the people of Aries to the zenith of jealousy, although Gemini has no harm. When Aries reacts to this, the mood of the Gemini zodiac may change and alarm the Aries zodiac. Gemini and Aries compatibility in many ways requires a leap of faith on the part of Aries. Gemini expresses the duality of nature and at the same time can be two very different people. It is not used at all for Aries and it can get frustrating.

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