Sphatik Mala


In astrology, crystal quartz (Hindi name Sphatik) is considered as a blessing from Goddess Laxmi. Wearing it pleases Goddess Laxmi and is believed to reduce the negative effects of celestial bodies. Crystal quartz is a colorless, transparent stone that shines with a bright white color. Transparent beads resembling glass are made from crystal quartz and are worn in specially crafted rosaries. The full benefits of a crystal quartz rosary are attained only after it's been energized and worn.

7mm Round 17-18inch
7mm Diamond Cut 16-17inch
8mm Diamond Cut 18-20inch
₹1900.00 41% off ₹3200.00

Detail information

Beads Size7-8mm
No. of Beads108 + 1
Mala Length17-20inch
CertificationGovernment Approved Lab
Pooja/EnergizationBasic Energization (Free)
Delivery TimeApprox 3-7 Days (All over India)
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Benefits of the Crystal Quartz Mala

  • Wearing a crystal quartz rosary eliminates all kinds of fear and anxiety.
  • Wearing an energized crystal quartz rosary keeps the mind content, peaceful, and patient.
  • Crystal quartz keeps both men and women completely healthy and calm.
  • According to astrology, wearing a crystal quartz rosary brings wealth, prosperity, beauty, strength, vitality, and success.
  • Wearing a crystal quartz rosary provides liberation from disturbances related to spirits or supernatural beings.
  • This rosary enhances quick thinking, understanding, and mental development.
  • Crystal quartz rosaries are considered as the form of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Wearing a crystal quartz rosary helps alleviate the negative effects of Venus.
  • Just wearing crystal quartz brings relief from sorrow and poverty.
  • For improving business prospects, crystal quartz is highly beneficial. Keeping it in the cash box or wearing it around the neck assures definite benefits in shops and business establishments.

Where to buy?

Only certified and natural rosary can bring astrological benefits. Therefore, it's advisable to purchase rosary from a certified source. otherwise, you may not derive any benefits from them. Genuine and certified rosary can be obtained from GemUncle.com.

GemUncle.com sends all its rosary after getting them verified by experienced astrologers. They provide a complete guarantee of the authenticity of the rosary they send to you.



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