Sulemani Hakeek Mala


According to astrology, Hakik is a very beneficial gemstone that keeps the native free from negative energy. In astrology, Sulemani Hakik is considered very meaningful for getting rid of ghosts, evil eye protection, mental stress, negative energy, and overcoming obstacles. Sulemani Hakik is an opaque stone of black color, and it also has light streaks.
Wearing a Sulemani Hakik mala helps to alleviate all kinds of troubles, as this gemstone is very effective. The best thing about this gemstone is that there are no side effects of wearing it. Let's know about the astrological benefits of the Sulemani Hakik mala.

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Detail information

Beads Size6mm/8mm
No. of Beads108 + 1
Mala Length15/18inch
CertificationGovernment Approved Lab
Pooja/EnergizationBasic Energization (Free)
Delivery TimeApprox 3-7 Days (All over India)
Order on Whatsapp +91 70112 39569

Benefits of the Sulemani Hakik Rosary

  • Sulemani Hakik is a stone that has the power to cut through all types of negative energies. If there is unrest and chaos in your home due to someone's evil eye, or if your business is continuously facing losses, then wearing a Sulemani Hakik mala can be very effective.
  • Sulemani Hakik Mala can destroy enemies completely if worn or carried.
  • If you are suffering from the negative effects of Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn, then wearing this amazing mala can bring peace and balance to these planets.
  • Wearing a Sulemani Hakik mala can be very beneficial for protecting against all types of black magic and evil eye. It is also considered very beneficial to wear this mala if you are facing problems in your job or business.
  • To increase your luck and prosperity, wearing this beautiful agate mala is recommended. It is very effective in removing difficulties and troubles. Wearing this stone can increase your attractiveness, so if you want someone to be attracted to you or want the person in front of you to keep complimenting you, don't hesitate to wear this miraculous stone.
  • To improve your financial situation, wearing a Sulemani Hakik mala is recommended, as it can bring you many benefits.

Where to buy?

Only certified and natural rosary can bring astrological benefits. Therefore, it's advisable to purchase rosary from a certified source. otherwise, you may not derive any benefits from them. Genuine and certified rosary can be obtained from sends all its rosary after getting them verified by experienced astrologers. They provide a complete guarantee of the authenticity of the rosary they send to you.



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