Vejayanti Mala (2 Piece)


The Vaijayanti mala consists of white beads found only in the forests of Braj near Mathura, the land of Lord Krishna, where divine love between the Lord and the Goddess prevails. The Vaijayanti mala is Lord Krishna's favorite garland, and chanting prayers using this garland is considered the most optimal way to please Lord Krishna. It's also referred to as the garland of victory (Vijayanti mala).

The use of the Vaijayanti mala is associated with spiritual power and attraction. It symbolizes victory and triumph. Crafted from the seeds of the Vaijayanti plant, this mala is utilized in prayers, rituals, and ceremonies. Although anyone can wear this consecrated garland, it is mostly worn by devotees of Goddess Lakshmi and Vaishnavites.

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Detail information

Beads Size6-7mm
No. of Beads100+
Mala Length17-18 inch
Pooja/EnergizationBasic Energization (Free)
Delivery TimeApprox 3-7 Days (All over India)
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Benefits of the Vaijayanti mala

  • Wearing the Vaijayanti mala boosts self-confidence.
  • After wearing this consecrated garland, you can approach any task with great positivity.
  • Wearing the consecrated Vaijayanti mala eradicates financial constraints, and within a few days, with the blessings of Goddess Laxmi, the financial situation becomes strong.
  • Wearing the Vaijayanti mala keeps the mind calm and helps in making the right decisions. For individuals troubled or lacking focus in their endeavors, they should wear the Vaijayanti mala on Tuesdays to attain peace of mind and foster positive thoughts.
  • After wearing the Vaijayanti mala, a person remains immune to any kind of harm.
  • Focusing on Lord Krishna and Goddess Laxmi while wearing the Vaijayanti mala during auspicious times infuses new energy and joy into the body.
  • It instills patience and courage in the individual.

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