Cancer Horoscope


What is the birth date of Cancer people?

According to sun sign your zodiac is Cancer if you were born between June 21 to July 22

Ruling Planet: Moon
Lucky Gemstones: Pearl
Luck Substone: Moon Stone
Lucky Color: Milky White
Lucky Number: 7

What is Cancer Zodiac Sign?

The native born in Cancer is usually of normal height. Moon affects the natives of this sign and they are governed by the water element. That is why the versatility, coolness, sentimentality and sensitivity are filled with them. The specialty of their personality is that they create a family-like environment around them, that is, they have a very friendly nature. They love their soil very much. Cancer natives are very artistic and creative. Some people are very fond of traditions. Learning naturally. Along with being sensitive and emotional, they are very moody at times and shy on many occasions. Children's innocence is also seen on special occasions. His works are greatly appreciated. If conditions are good around then they are quite generous. Consciousness is inherent in their personality naturally. However, there is also a lot of insecurity in them. They sometimes behave very insensitive, rude, due to their same feelings. His fickleness then turns into grimy. They get angry very quickly but this behavior is also momentary and very soon they mix up again.

Their performance at the workplace is quite constructive. They do things in a completely new way. His thoughts are very deep and esoteric, so his image remains clean. His artistry and sociable personality mixes well with colleagues at the workplace. On the other hand, they become praiseworthy due to their working methods, while not having pockets in the courts makes them stingy, which can be ridiculed by colleagues and friends.

If you look at the aspect of romantic life, the Cancerians love to romance with people who are completely different from themselves. They are attractive to look at, are also emotional, are sensitive, are also creative in their career and what is needed to love more than that. But at the same time also keep in mind whether you will be able to withstand their temperament and fickleness generated by the effect of the moon and water.

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