Leo Horoscope


What is the birth date of Leo people?

According to sun sign your zodiac is Leo if you were born between July 23 to August 22

Ruling Planet: Sun
Lucky Gemstones: Ruby
Luck Substone: Sun Stone
Lucky Color: Pink
Lucky Number: 4

What is Leo Zodiac Sign?

As the name suggests, the zodiac is like a lion, full of courageous, fearless, strong, self-confident. Wherever they live, they definitely leave a distinctive mark. They are very blunt and feel that they tell the person without any hesitation. There is a great enthusiasm in his personality, always there is tremendous energy inside him. They are very self-respecting, and their faces show a glorious glory. The Sun is the lord of this zodiac, due to which they are generally stunning, powerful. Because of their outspokenness, many times their close ones feel insulted, but they also have the ability to persuade them. Creativity, idealism, leadership ability develops naturally in them. They also learn from their failures and again try to achieve the goal with a new energy. From a social point of view, his personality is quite organized, so that his social reputation is respected.

They perform much better at the workplace. They have immense leadership potential naturally. They form their own group and play the role of its leader. Due to their domineering style, they also create their competitors at the workplace. You know how to manage things well, so they do not have to face much trouble at the workplace. They like very little work under someone. When they are allowed to work in their own style, they show their best performance. With their performance, they occupy high positions.

At the same time, if you look at the romantic life, their beauty is amazing. Convenience, free-minded, famous and beautiful in appearance are his favorites. They are very good lovers and dare to fight anyone to get their love. The way to love them is also amazing. However, at times, the way of making love to them becomes quite dominating, due to which their partner can also feel very uncomfortable. The native of this zodiac, who looks strong and tough from outside, is very humble and generous from inside.

Leo Daily Horoscope
Health will remain good. You shall remain energetic. Today someone will inspire you to start a new diet or new exercise pattern. Going for long walks will prove beneficial for your well being. Today you will use your latent energies to win over adverse conditions with courage and conviction. Your po...
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Leo Finance
The lord of Leo is Sun whose effect is seen on the natives of this zodiac. The natives are fast and energetic. They do not like to work under someone. Because of which they do their own employment or business. These natives cannot do any work which is against their personality and pride. Leo zodiacs...
Leo Health
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Leo Love
The lord of this zodiac is Surya, who makes the native rich in attractive personality, due to which the people also stand out in the crowd. Leo zodiac lovers mostly like to keep their words in open words, this nature sometimes goes against them. The natives are considered arrogant by keeping their p...