Scorpio Horoscope


What is the birth date of Scorpio people?

According to sun sign your zodiac is Scorpio if you were born between October 23 to November 21

Ruling Planet: Mars
Lucky Gemstones: Red Coral
Luck Substone: Red Agate
Lucky Color: Red
Lucky Number: 9

What is Scorpio Zodiac Sign?

The native of Scorpio zodiac looks very attractive and mysterious. The owner of their zodiac sign is Mars, due to which their personality is domineering and angry. They are very serious by nature. They are fearless as well as stubborn. You cannot guess their intensity. They have a deep sense of intuition. They are very inquisitive and very less satisfied. They are determined and also optimistic. His personality seems quite suspicious, he can play the role of a very good, deep, honest and loyal friend, and can also be a very cruel, insidious, sly and dangerous enemy. Although they are very patient and committed, they are also creative, but they do not like generosity and sociability. In these, the feeling of revenge takes a terrible house and the intention of hurting your opponent suddenly is tremendous. Although they are also very emotional and sensitive, but their complexity also communicates an uncertain fear in the front.

Scorpio people of exploratory nature can also be known to work closely in the workplace. He is interested in doing research work related to the field. Due to this trend, they gather a lot of information and gain progress on the strength of their knowledge. The female is in them to achieve positive results even in negative situations. Therefore, senior officials and colleagues at the workplace have high expectations from them.

Romantically, they can prove to be better lovers. They quickly identify the pulse of the front, what the front person wants. But due to their tendency to question, their partner may feel uncomfortable, as well as understanding them is crooked, so there is a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty about them.

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